Starbucks Reserve

Starbucks Coffeehouse Espresso bar

Starbucks Reserve is a place for coffee lovers , which in addition to our legendary beverages available in all stores can taste rare and exotic premium coffees from Starbucks Reserve ®

Starbucks Reserve coffee shop was created especially for those who want to slow down and be invited to special show called "slow coffee" . This special position , where our guests can experience the process of brewing and learn interesting facts about it. Baristas prepare a cup of coffee here in two ways - in a classic piston espresso machine, and French Press, which is used during seminars Starbucks coffee and the coffee maker pour over the overflow type , which gives a more intense flavor and aroma.

Café Starbucks Reserve on Oławska Street is decorated In that way it perfectly blend in with the environment , on the other hand refers to the history of the place and the old colonial shops with coffee and spices.

  • Decorated in the style of 50's shop windows provide daylight , as well as a great view of the Wroclaw market
  • Behind the bar are reaching the ceiling oak cabinets in the style of a merchant , while the use of metal window frames or exposed metal ducts gives the interior a little industrial character , bringing to him a modernist element
  • The resort room is a long table designed for guests who want to spend time at a cafe in a larger group . Its top is made of elements recovered from hand-painted chests Silesia from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century , which were destined for destruction
  • In this hall there is a fireplace , where you will be able to relax in a very cozy atmosphere
  • You can enjoy your favorite coffee , sitting in comfortable chairs in the style of the 50's and 60's. Particular attention should be paid to the famous chair Diamond Chair designed by Harry Bertoia Italian designer chairs and a well-known American designers Charles and Ray Eames
  • On the walls of the cafe are about coffee growing regions and degrees of roasting hand painted by a local artist , so the cup of your favorite coffee , you can find out where they come from our arabica beans , or what are the steps smoking our grains